"Several years ago I read an article in The Lancet, one of the world's leading scientific journals, which presented the case of a patient suffering from ichthyosis, a disease characterised by a defect in hornification, i.e. the process of formation and detachment of the cells of the stratum corneum. The patient was treated exclusively with a topical emulsion - water in oil - of N-ACETYLCISTEIN, an N-acetylated derivative of the amino acid.
The same patient was treated exclusively with a topical emulsion - water in oil - of N-ACETILCISTEIN, an N-acetylated derivative of the amino acid cysteine, used in medicine as a fluidifier of mucous secretions and as an antidote in paracetamol intoxication.

The clear evidence of activity of the substance was shown by a photo of the Before and After, which showed on the left a flaky tissue with accentuated accumulation of terminal cells, cause of the characteristic keratinization defect, and on the right a visibly hydrated and well smoothed tissue.

At that time I had patients suffering from the same problem from which the typical hyperkeratosis originated: when it was located on the sole of the feet (especially on the heels), it caused bleeding and painful cracks that implied limitations to social life. I carried out a research in vain, to understand if the same preparation was on the market and, not having found anything similar, I decided to go to a pharmacist asking him to prepare the formula based on

I gave it to one of my patients, who used it daily for about a month, completely resolving the characteristic plantar keratoderma. After about 2 months the same patient, even though he found a sensational result, nevertheless complained about the unpleasant smell of the formula: the latter originated from the sulfhydryl group (SH), responsible not only for the persistent and unpleasant smell but also for the activity of the substance.

In the 2000 I contacted the Faculty of Pharmacology of Padua, in particular Prof. Antonio Bettero who was in charge of Cosmetology, and together we developed an excellent formula that, thanks to neutralizing solutions, no longer released the previous strong smell.
This preparation containedUREA, with a Proteolytic and Moisturizing action, which, at a certain concentration, allowed a better entry of N-ACETYLCYSTEIN; in this way, a rapid and effective penetration of the substance was observed.
active up to the basal layer.

This preparation dates back to 2003 and is still highly stable and unique in the world".

- Dr Alessandro Calderan